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We will Tweet on Twitter Scams from time to time! Keep in mind everything which souds to good to be true should be checked pretty wisely!

This Scam below aims at New Crypto Users and Dreamers which think you can Arbitrage Trade like that and make such Profits on a suspicious Sites like,, or and so many others which have tons of Scam Reviews and Victims which lost their money so far!

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Any kind of free bitcoin generator where you have to send Bitcoins to a Website that promises you a 100% return within 24h. Well, what a surprise as you will never get paid! Don't invest your funds into such Websites they all are a scam!

This Scam below again aims at beginners which do not know how dangerous cryptocurrencies are. It's like Cash Money if you lose it it's gone! We highly recommend everyone to only Buy Bitcoin on Exchanges we have listed they all are safe! Check the Tweet all Scams are listed thereon in the Member Report below!

Member Reports: 1

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