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Launched:         December 2016                   Languages:         ENG, RUS, ESP

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Review 2020


Satoshi Hero was launched in December 2016 & was a pure Bitcoin Faucet to start. We don't know the owner but the site design looks familiar to the Alien Faucet Group. The Faucet keeps paying for years & the Admin Team keeps developing new features constantly. We tested all of the important features of Satoshi Hero & Reviewed them.

Get Free Bitcoins

The “Get Free Bitcoin” feature is a normal Faucet where you can claim 1-3 times in a row by verifying that you are not a Bot with google captcha. You can basically claim 3 times 4 - 250.000 Satoshi every 10 minutes. We claimed the top prize twice so far back when it was 200K Bitcoin Satoshi so the prizes are definitely real.

Bitcoin Games

The “Bitcoin Games” area is Slots. They have listed 20+ different Slot Machines where you can gamble your earned Bitcoins but also Deposit Bitcoins to gamble. We do recommend the agmes section since they have some cool unique Bitcoin Slot & Casino Games in HD Quality. We tried out most of the Slot Machines on Satoshi Hero worked out pretty well, which doesn’t mean it will be good for you too! We won some 0.01 BTC and got Paid which is a really good signal.


The “Offerwalls” section allows you to earn Bitcoins on 5 different Offerwalls. Most of the Offers do not reward you Instantly as they have to verify if you completed it or not, so wait some time and you’ll get credited. If you dont get credited for some reason check the Settings Page on the Offerwall provider since you have an Account on all of them if you use them. Safe screenshots or emails which do proof that you have made the Offer and completed it right. You can contact the Support of the Offerwall after you dont see a payment after 24 hours with the Screenshots you made.


The “Referrals” feature is amazing since you’ll receive 50% of the Bitcoins they make. The Referrals you make will be yours for lifetime or as long as you are a member but thats not all since you have the gaming section which makes you also 0,10% Wager Profit of all bets or rolls you referrals made on Slots.


You can request a Withdrawal when you collect a total of 0,0003 Bitcoin (30.000 Satoshi). We got already 60+ Payments from Satoshi Hero and we never waited longer then 48 hours but mostly you will have your Bitcoins within some hours.


In the end, we can recommend the “Get Free Bitcoin” part very much since it always kept paying us over the years & we never heard negative News about Satoshi Hero. We also can recommend the games since comparing to other sites it made us a nice profit with not much betting which shows that the ROI is set up fairly and everyone has the chance to win big even if you bet the lowest amount.

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Reading: Review of in 2020 with extensive analyzes about its features like Bitcoin Faucet & Bitcoin Games.

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