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Win every hour 200$ in Bitcoin

Name: FreeBitcoin

Launched: October 2013

Nationality: China

Cashed out: 1.12089317 Bitcoin

Referrals: 10034+

You can earn like this:


  • You can Claim 1 time every 60 Minutes (With Alarm Alert) and have the chance on 200$ worth of Bitcoin. Always actual BTC Rate!
  • You can Earn by Deposit your passive earning instead in your Wallet, in your Freebitcoin Account which gain 0,019% Daily
  • You can Buy Lottery Tickets for 1 Satoshi per Ticket and have the chance to Win over 1 Bitcoin every Sunday
  • You can Multiply your bitcoins playing a PROVABLY FAIR HI-LO game! RECOMMENDED!
  • You can earn by Sharing your Affiliate Link with your Friends or Advertise it elsewhere

Review: (14th May 2018)

Freebitcoin is one of the first Bitcoin Faucets on the Internet. Since the Site launched they Cashed out Millions of Members, ten tousands of Bitcoins. Freebitcoin paid even the Forks out like Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold what you cant expect from the Major Exchanges to do so. In the Past Freebitco.in changed a bit like they dont Offer more Banner Advertising for Advertisers and also they dont have any AdBanners on the Site or something what dont refer to FreeBitcoin. The Focus started to be only on the Site since around 2017 March.

The Site is really a good oppurtunity for everyone to Start earning Bitcoin on his own and get also rewards for telling to friends. In fact Freebitcoin paid us 0.70 Bitcoin so far and we refered arround 9000 Members so far. I can also verify that the Game with the numbers you can Claim is NOT A FAKE!!!! I claimed on my own the 10000 already a couple of times and also some of my Referrals did so.

Also they have the biggest Bitcoin Lottery Online which deals every Sunday over 1 Bitcoin to the Winner and more!

Also the Multiply is provaly Fair on this site, i didnt got a Jackpot so far but i have some friends and they did. Since 2017 Freebitcoin started also to be a safing Wallet which means you can Deposit Bitcoin onto your Freebitcoin Wallet and get everyday paid for holding your Bitcoin in your FreeBitcoin Balance. The Rate is low but that thing is also pretty safe. Also they Started to Link some Mining Software last year which seems to was on the site and something very Unique made like everything on this site but disappeared then and did not return back anymore which means for me that it was something external and it didnt rewarded for the Admin to kepp it.

LEGIT - At the end i cant say anything bad about the site as it Pays always in time! I can just recommend it. Sign Up now

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