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Cryptocurrency microwallet

Sites Listed: 7

DOB: Mai 2017

Nationality: United Staates

Cashed out: 4,3487421 Bitcoin

Referrals: 55000+

This are the Only Faucets which do Pay you on Coinpot but as as long time Member on their Sites and also before Coinpot even existed iam pretty sure that they will launch from time to time new innovative Stuff like some weeks ago the Coinpot Token System where you earn now on every Claim. Also their Lottery is very new, you can buy Tickets there and win 50% of the Pool and the other 50% gets places 2-6 every hour a New Lottery Round. So iam also pretty sure that they will add New Fucets and also new Coins to their Portfolio.

Cashouts over 0,001 Bitcoin do not have any Transaction Fess to Pay. You can cashout also on sites like MellowAds and FaucetFub as also on a normal valid Wallet address.

LEGIT - We recommend all Listed Coinpot Sites as they shown us over several years that they are Legit Paying Sites!

Review: (15th May 2018)

Coinpot.co is a Mircowallet for 7 Faucets which are also the Faucets of the same person as the Coinpot Microwallet. You dont need to register at Coinpot instad of you need to Register (Recommended) with the same E-Mail on all Coinpot Faucets which ensures that you have just 1 registered E-Mail on Coinpot and all your Earnings will go in those Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash or Bitcoin Cash. Every Claim on their Faucets will be instantly on Coinpot so as well as every Referral Claim Commission. For every Claim on the Coinpot Faucets you will receive 3 Coinpot Tokens and 1 Coinpot Token for every Referral Claim. You will be able to Exchange all your earnings between the Wallets means you can Exchange Bitcoin into Dogecoin or Dogecoin into Bitcoin on Coinpot directly. Coinpot have a really good and User friendly Dashboard where everything can be checked easy and also their Security options are Great so you can activate google 2fa for free and protect your Account very efficient.

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